Bout Draw

Preliminary Bout Schedule

Four teams from across Canada compete in a four-round slam competition to vie for one of eight spots on semi-finals stage, and eventually, national championship!

Preliminary bouts are $10 or pay what you can at the door, or free with your festival pass or slam tournament pass.

BIG UPDATE - October 11, 2019

Because we have had some teams drop out, after the schedule was already established, we need to make some changes.

At the Last Chance Slam on Sunday, TWO teams will be formed. In addition, two bouts will now only have three teams taking part. We are aware that gives the other teams in that bout a statistical advantage to getting into semi-finals, but at this point there is very little we can do to get around that.

The Bout Rotation for each Bout will be:
A - B - C - D
C - D - A - B
D - A - B - C
B - C - D - A

For the two 3-team bouts the rotation will be:
A - B - C
B - C - A
C - A - B
C - B - A

Monday, October 14

Bout 1 - 8pm @ 10C

A. Tonight It's Poetry
B. London Poetry Slam

Tuesday, October 15

Bout 2 - 7pm @ eBar

A. Winnipeg Poetry Slam
B. Indigenous Poets Society
C. Slamapalooza
D. VicSlam

Bout 3 - 7pm @ 10C

B. Emotional Baggage (Wild Card 2)
C. Peterborough Poetry Slam
D. The Recent Developments (Wild Card 1)

Bout 4 - 9pm @ eBar

A. Roots Lounge
B. London Poetry Slam
C. VanSlam
D. Toronto Poetry Slam

Bout 5 - 9pm @ 10C

A. Urban Legends Poetry Slam
B. Guelph Poetry Slam
C. Breath in Poetry
D. Tonight It's Poetry

Wednesday, October 16

Bout 6 - 7pm @ eBar

B. Peterborough Poetry Slam
C. Guelph Poetry Slam
D. Winnipeg Poetry Slam

Bout 7 - 7pm @ 10C

A. Toronto Poetry Slam
B. Slamapalooza

Bout 8 - 9pm @ eBar

A. VicSlam
B. VanSlam
C. Emotional Baggage (Wild Card 2)
D. Urban Legends Poetry Slam

Bout 9 - 9pm @ 10C

A. The Recent Developments (Wild Card 1)
B. Breath in Poetry
C. Indigenous Poets Society
D. Roots Lounge

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