Meet the Teams

Meet the members of the 2019 team slam competition! More team info to come from the 18 participating poetry scenes.

Breath in Poetry

Edmonton, AB

Breath In Poetry represents Edmonton, Alberta and is composed of members Nisha Patel, Brandon Wallace-Case, Gabe Castilloux Calderon, and Kaz Mega.

Emotional Baggage

Wild Card 2

xander, Queen of Harpies, Sulva, Faves & Q

Guelph team splashes each other with water

Guelph Poetry Slam

Guelph, ON

Poetry slam teams are a stained glass window into the heartbeat of something more real than plain words can ever access. The 2019 Guelph Poetry Slam Team, comprised of a motley crew of seasoned poets, is no exception. A powerful mix of voices blending metaphor, wordplay, emotion and sass, they combine style and performance, covering as many shades of the human experience as they can muster. Truth Is…, Elise, Fannon Holland, Patrick, and Beth Murch are a group of artists, organizers, caretakers, innovators, weirdos and encouraging hecklers that invite you to join them on a journey of deep inquiry, laughter, and learning while discovering inner truths.


Lanark County, ON

The Lanark County Live Poets Society, or LiPS, is an informal organization of local poets living in the small towns and rural areas of Lanark County. Our purpose is to be a supportive community of rural spoken word poets, spread awareness and participation, and give all an opportunity and venue in which to express themselves and participate.

London Poetry Slam Team

London, ON

ptbo team photo

Peterborough Poetry Slam

Peterborough, ON

The Peterborough Poetry Slam Collective was founded in 2007. We are made up of individuals that identify as queer, cis and gender non-binary. We are inter-racial, inter-religious, inter-generational, and people with disabilities. Our mandate is to attack forms of oppression and nurture anti-oppressive ideas and decolonization through our organizing and our poetry, while pushing the boundaries of our art form. We believe that words and stories shared honestly have the power to move people and effect systems of change on a wide scale. We use art to elevate the political, providing it with spiritual and emotional contexts that humanize abstract ideals.

5 team members stand close together with arms on each others shoulders

Roots Lounge

Toronto, ON

Saskatoon Indigenous Poets Society

Saskatoon, SK

The Saskatoon Indigenous Poets Society is a collective of Indigenous and ally spoken word artists bringing oral traditions and spoken word flowetry to the territory. We hope to give space for our collective communities to share in the spoken word practice, the cultural practice of oral storytelling, and have space for poetic healing within our community. As Indigenous poets you can expect our artists to remain outside of the box. “We bring stories that no one else can bring, we bring our deep rooted blood memories and connection to this land.”


Surrey, BC

Slamapalooza 2019’s poetry is a spectrum of all-colourful hair: blue, purple, pink, turquoise, orange and dirt-ass brown. Have you ever wanted to just feel angst that you both have and haven’t experienced? Have you ever wanted to both be punched in the gut and kneed in the face by words? These experiences are explicit Surrey kids whose trauma only makes sense in verse, whose gritty street-life are the stories worth telling, but also having fun with. In the dark, things are heavy, but it makes the light times so much more bright. We are a decade of poets from 93-2002. Three Filipinas, a Dene Cree boy & a highschool drop-out. This year, an unprecedented four-out-of-five of them are actually from the university sending the team. All have an interesting relationship with Catholicism & God, their mothers, and their spiritual & mental health. A misfit collection of post/current emos find solace in each other’s poetry, with the universal message: you are not alone.

The Recent Developments

Wild Card 1

Maddy, Fira, E.A., C-Command & randee

Tonight It's Poetry

Saskatoon, SK

Saskatoon's 2019 Tonight It's Poetry slam team is dynamic and diverse. Our five team members represent a wide range of ages, gender expressions and ethnicities. Tonight It's Poetry will be bringing it's A-game to CFSW once again. (P.S. The person in the bottom left of the photo was our finals host, the other five are the team members.)

Toronto Poetry Slam

Toronto, ON

The 2019 Toronto Slam Team is comprised of what makes Toronto so unique: vibrancy and voice. An amalgamation of new and established artists, this years team consists of AG, Gavin, Michael McNeil and Nells. A wonderful mix of identity, humour, politics, and humanity await any audience who witnesses them perform.


Vancouver, BC

The UBC Slam Team is made up of UBC's finest poets all the way from the depths of a donut shop. These 5 poets are Emily Frances, Ananya Aravindan, Emily Mao, Jaanam Jaswani and Kerem Can Erman, coached by last year’s team captain Vienna Claire Jeffery. Our Grand Slam Champion is Emily Frances, a 2nd year creative writing major and one of many trauma victims who has turned her scars into healing pieces of art. Ananya Aravindan is a first year arts student who loves travelling, books, and chocolate. She speaks three languages but still prefers to communicate through poetry whenever possible. Hailing from Istanbul, Kerem Can is a film production student at UBC. Kerem started to write poetry in high school upon discovering his inability to write long diary entries due to his impatience and weak wrists. With encouragement from close friends, Kerem has recently started to perform his poetry and feels very grateful for the opportunity to do so. Janam Jaswani is a human bean. Emily M is a first-year student who plans to major in psychology. She loves writing, singing, and has a weird obsession for collecting stuffies:) She believes that poetry brings people together along with passion and different voices, and sharing words is such a powerful and beautiful thing. Hungry for the competition (and since they’re all students, just hungry generally), the UBC team is ready to take Guelph by storm.

UL team stand with arms around each other

Urban Legends

Ottawa, ON (unceded Algonquin & Anishinaabeg territory)

This year, the Urban Legends Poetry Collective team is composed of two CFSW veterans: Namitha and Apollo the Child, and three rookies: Tim, Anna and Sol. United by their love of poetry, they’re excited to share their diverse, youthful and energetic perspective in prose form, and are proud to represent Ottawa (on unceded Algonquin & Anishinaabeg territory) on a national stage!

5 poets dressed up


Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Slam Poetry’s 2019 team is a group of dynamic artists with with a flare for the poetic. The team is made up of Jenifer Williams (she), Bambi (they), Catherine Garrett (she), Kit Tempo (they), and Kiran the Muse (she); this group seeks to explore their own capacities from tenderness, to humour, to rage. With work that delves into all aspects of each their lives and complex truths, this crew of West-Coaster’s knows that a page can’t contain them, but a stage could take a whack at it. They’re here to make art, take names, and keep it powerful.

five team members stand with arms around each other


Victoria, BC

Winnipeg Poetry Slam

Winnipeg, MB

This year's team is a mix of new faces and veterans of the Winnipeg Spoken Word scene. Back again this year is Mason Kanne, along with Samantha Broesky (SamanthaX), Paul De Bruijn, and Noelle (Grace) Dandonneau. Each member brings a unique character to the team, and we are all looking forward to CFSW 2019!

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