Slam Tournament 2018

Get excited!!! Over 15 teams of poets from across the country are about to compete for a national title, and bragging rights. Check out the bout draws to see who's performing when, and read the team bios to find out more about them!

Want to check out the entire slam tournament competition? Snag one of our slam tournament passes for only $40!! ($50 after October 22).

Last Chance Slam: Sunday October 28, 7-9pm @ 10C
Didn't make a slam team? Weren't able to try out?  Don't have a slam scene in your community? This is your LAST CHANCE to join a team for the 2018 National Poetry Slam Tournament at CFSW! Come and compete in a two round slam. Top four slam poets make the Wild Card Team and compete in CFSW. This is an open competition. Anyone can sign up to compete.
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