2018 Bout Draws

Semi-Finals Bout Draw

Semi-Final Bout 1 - 7pm @ GYMC

A. Rattle the Cage
B. Burlington Slam Project
C. Throw Poetry Collective

Semi-Final Bout 2 - 9pm @ GYMC

A. Toronto Poetry Slam
B. Windsor Poetry Slam
C. VanSlam
D. Breath in Poetry

Preliminary Bout Schedule

**Updated October 10, 2018 via Rusty Priske, National Slammaster

Four teams from across Canada compete in a four-round slam competition to vie for one of eight spots on semi-finals stage, and eventually, national championship!

Preliminary bouts are $10 at the door, or free with your festival pass or slam tournament pass.

Sunday, October 28

Last Chance Slam - Sunday, 7pm @ 10C
Didn't make a slam team? Weren't able to try out?  Don't have a slam scene in your community? This is your LAST CHANCE to join a team for the 2018 National Poetry Slam Tournament at CFSW! Come and compete in a two round slam. Top four slam poets make the Wild Card Team and compete in CFSW. This is an open competition. Anyone can sign up to compete.

Monday, October 29

Bout 1 - Monday, 7pm @ eBar

A. Throw Poetry Collective
B. UBC Slam
C. VanSlam
D. Tonight It's Poetry

Bout 2 - Monday, 7pm @ 10C

A. Wild Card
B. Lanark County LiPS
C. Burlington Slam Project
D. Windsor Poetry Slam

Bout 3 - Monday, 9pm @ eBar

A. London Poetry Slam
B. VicSlam
C. Toronto Poetry Slam
D. Breath in Poetry

Bout 4 - Monday, 9pm @ 10C

A. KW Poetry Slam
B. Urban Legends
C. Peterborough Poetry Slam
D. Hamilton Youth Poets

Tuesday, October 30

Bout 5 - Tuesday, 7pm @ eBar

A. Slamapalooza
B. Burlington Slam Project
C. Urban Legends
D. Throw Poetry Collective

Bout 6 - Tuesday, 7pm @ 10C

A. Breath in Poetry
B. VanSlam
C. Winnipeg Poetry Slam
D. Wild Card

Bout 7 - Tuesday, 9pm @ eBar

A. Tonight It's Poetry
B. Toronto Poetry Slam
C. Lanark County LiPS
D. KW Poetry Slam

Bout 8 - Tuesday, 9pm @ 10C

A. Windsor Poetry Slam
B. Peterborough Poetry Slam
C. UBC Slam
D. London Poetry Slam

Wednesday, October 31

Bout 9 - Wednesday, 7pm @ eBar

A. Hamilton Youth Poets
B. Winnipeg Poetry Slam
C. VicSlam
D. Slamapalooza

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