2018 FOC

Meet our 2018 Festival Organizing Committee! This team has been hard at work for over a year to bring you a festival that moves, inspires, and warms your hearts.

Truth Is... headshot

Truth Is ...

Artistic Director

Truth Is … A poet, a writer, a motivational speaker & an arts educator. In addition to Slam and a long list of feature performances across Canada and the U.S., Truth Is … has headlined in several conferences focused on social equity, gender equity, youth motivation and labour. She has also opened up for Canadian Hip-Hop idol K-OS & legendary activist Angela Davis.

Beth Anne Ellipsis headshot

Beth Anne Ellipsis

Operations Co-Manager

A Guelph based performance poet, Beth Anne Ellipsis crafts her words to reflect the lives of herself and those around her. Her art is earth inspired and speaks to the struggle we all face to find our true selves and home in community. She has performed in national poetry slam competitions, literary festivals and created commissioned poetry pieces. She received the Top 40 Under 40 Award in 2016 in Guelph, ON.

Patrick Kelly headshot

Patrick Kelly

Operations Co-Manager

Patrick has been with the Guelph Spoken Word board for five years. In that time, he's organized a regular writer's open mic, the workshop series, Sharpened Tongues, and an Earth Day performance called Grounded. He has competed at numerous slams and was a part of the Guelph Poetry Slam team that placed 4th at CFSW in 2017. Patrick devotes his free time to environmentalism, food sovereignty/security, and most important of all, food eating.

Danielle Workman headshot

Danielle Workman

Volunteer & Hospitality Co-Coordinator

Writing has been a passion for Danielle since the highschool smoking pit, to three kids amuck and a her second career launch. When she attended her first poetry slam four years ago, her life was forever changed! Since she has been writing and performing poetry at open mics and slams monthly. Her poetry is one part sentimental and compassionate, one part fiercely honest and all heart. Danielle is part of the Guelph Spoken Word arts organization building community, awareness and love for performance poetry.

Ilanna Tamari headshot

Ilanna Tamari

Volunteer & Hospitality Co-Coordinator

Spoken Word and Ilanna met for the first time one late summer's day five years ago at a Guelph Spoken Word open mic. Her words found a voice, and she found a community. Ilanna is unnervingly serious about organizing, worrying, and maintaining good filing systems. You should see her calendar. She joined the Guelph Spoken Word team in 2016 as secretary, and since then she's applied these skills in an attempt to wrangle the creative and flexible sensibilities of artists and time. Catch her overthinking at this year’s CFSW!

Elise Gordezky headshot

Elise Gordezky

Website & Communications Coordinator

Elise found her way to spoken word from cozy open mics to slam stages to national championship as a member of the Guelph Poetry Slam Team in 2016. Her writing weaves together her experiences as a queer empathic badass living with multiple mental illnesses, and tries to give a voice to stories so often untold. After her passions for writing, performing, and smashing the patriarchy, Elise really loves building websites, and has been building and updating them for Guelph Spoken Word since 2015.

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