The Canadian Festival of Spoken Word is an annual singularity of words.
Teams from all across Canada will converge to compete in an epic poetry slam battle royale.  This year's the theme is "Home Word Sound".


This year the Festival will be hosted in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Also referred to as the City of Bridges and of course Toon Town to the weird people of Moose Jaw and probably Swift Current.


The 2015 Festival will run from October the 18th until the 24th.
This will conflict with the national election for participating teams.  We suggest you check out Elections Canada advance polling options.

Hotel Registration



Our hotel of choice for the 2015 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word is the luxurious Sheraton Cavalier which sits in the heart of Saskatoon.

For access to the festival discount for your team click the follow link to book a room at our group rate.

Book Your Rooms


Sheraton Cavalier

Bout Schedule

Tentative and Informative

DayVenueBout #Time
MondayVillage Guitar17pm-9pm
MondayVillage Guitar29pm-11pm
MondayTrusted Saskatoon37pm-9pm
MondayTrusted Saskatoon49pm-11pm
TuesdayVillage Guitar57pm-9pm
TuesdayVillage Guitar69pm-11pm
TuesdayTrusted Saskatoon77pm-9pm
TuesdayTrusted Saskatoon89pm-11pm
WednesdayVillage Guitar97pm-9pm
WednesdayVillage Guitar109pm-11pm
WednesdayTrusted Saskatoon117pm-9pm
WednesdayTrusted Saskatoon129pm-11pm
ThursdayBroadway TheaterShowcase7pm-11pm
FridayThird Ave United ChurchSemis 17pm-9pm
FridayThird Ave United ChurchSemis 29pm-11pm
SaturdayThird Ave United ChurchFinals7pm-10pm

Team Registration


Team registration is open to SpoCan-certified venues. If your venue has not attended CFSW in the past or you’re unsure if your venue has been certified by Spoken Word Canada (SpoCan), then email Interim National Director, Shayna Stock. ┬áHere are a┬ácouple quick notes:

  • You can reach Shayna Stock at spokenwordcanada@gmail.com
  • Team registration is non-refundable and non-transferrable
  • The fee is $100
  • You can pay by PayPal or credit card using the adjacent “Buy Now” button
  • The deadline for team registration is 11pm EST, August 15