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CFSW is returning to Guelph October 13-19, 2019. Mark your calendars! The theme ‘Discovery’ speaks to ‘The Story Within Us.' Through programming selections, the festival will invite patrons and artists alike to explore their lives and personal stories with a fresh perspective, shedding light on intricacies, uniqueness, and seemingly undiscovered elements.

2019 Festival Theme

Volunteer at the Festival

We need volunteers! We're still getting ourselves organized, but stay tuned for our 2019 call for applications. If you're super keen, send a message to and we'll send you an email when applications are ready. We're stoked to have you on board!

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Sponsor Us!

Want to contribute to the festival in a meaningful way? We are always looking for sponsors, for financial and in-kind donations. We're working on our updated sponsorship package for 2019, but feel free to contact our sponsorhip coordinator at We'd love to work with you!

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